Discover the design, art and architecture of the New York Subway

Discover the design, art and architecture of the New York Subway

Our latest title, New York Subway Architecture & Design Map is out today.

Sandra Bloodworth, the Director of MTA Arts & Design, and Linda Tonn, the Chief Architect of MTA New York City Transit, have highlighted and written expertly researched details for forty-five of the subway’s most remarkable stations along with an introduction to the network’s history and significant features and themes. “Born in 1904, the New York City subway has traversed multiple design movements from the Beaux Art to the present and in the last three and a half decades has commissioned literally hundreds of contemporary artworks. The Map showcases examples of these eye-catching artworks and the subway’s design evolution,” remarked Sandra Bloodworth. Linda Tonn continues, “Upon casual observation one might not comprehend the rich architectural history of the New York subway. The map is your guide to see each of these design periods and the inspiring art that has been integrated into this historic and indescribably rich public work.”

Original photography for the map is by Jason Woods. A celebration of New York City’s iconic subway, this is a fascinating insight into design, art and architecture for visual arts lovers, transport geeks, and anyone interested in the history of New York City.

New York Subway Architecture & Design Map is the third title in our transport design series, following London Underground Architecture & Design Map (featured as a “Best Book of 2018” by the Financial Times) and Moscow Metro Architecture & Design Map. Paris Metro Architecture & Design Map will follow this winter.

The guide includes a geographical subway map with featured stations marked on the front, with corresponding photographs and details on the reverse. This map highlights unique and influential examples of architecture and design across the subway. The texts are full of information about early 20th century ornamentation, Art Deco light features, contemporary artwork, hidden substations and more. The map is protected by a Kraft slipcover featuring a distinctive die cut opening.

The map be purchased here.

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