Pyongyang Architecture Map

Brutalist Calendar 2021, Pyongyang and Tbilisi architecture maps coming soon

We've had a number of requests regarding the publication of our annual Brutalist calendar. Fortunately, and thanks to all the online sales we've received from our wonderful customers throughout the pandemic, we will indeed be publishing the calendar in September. 

We have two further maps scheduled for release this year, which in light of the significant drop in bookshop sales, is the best we can do. In Autumn we will publish two new architecture maps:

Pyongyang Architecture Map

Pyongyang Architecture Map by Oliver Wainwright, the architecture critic for The Guardian, features fifty buildings across the North Korean capital, including thirty photographs shot by Wainwright. The map is in English and (North Korean style) Korean, and provides a striking juxtaposition to our recently published Concrete Seoul Map which covers a similar time period. The map's band features bronze foiling.

 Tbilisi Architecture Map by Ana Chorgolashvili, with original photography by Stefano Perego, includes a remarkably wide selection of architectural styles across the 20th century, reflecting Georgia's turbulent recent history.

This map, in English and Georgian, features, among other styles, Neo-Gothic, Constructivism, Soviet Modernism and significant examples of informally built apartment buildings following the country's civil war. It's a terrific map which we hope captures some of the essence of Tbilisi and conveys our love for the city. Not to mention our hope to return very soon!
In 2021, we plan to bi-monthly again, with an addition to our tree series, with Great Trees fo New York and an addition to our transport series, with Berlin U-Bahn Architecture & Design Map.
Thank you so much for all your support throughout this period!
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