Gift guide for Brutalists (and Modernists and everyone else) 2020

Gift guide for Brutalists (and Modernists and everyone else) 2020

We're nearing the end of this fabulous 2020 and here's a list of some of our favourite recent publications by independent publishers. As you'll see there is an emphasis on getting out and about when the time is right, as, like us, you're undoubtedly climbing the walls these days. I've included links to buy them from some of our favourite independent bookstores. We need them!


Brutal North by Simon Phipps, published by September Publishing
Fear not Brutalism fans, Mr Phipps is back! Our trusty superhero with a camera has been surveying the North, capturing concrete structures once again for his third, and most beautiful book yet with September Publishing. Order yours for £16.99 from our friends Colours May Vary in Leeds here.


Perambulations by Stefi Orazi
These wonderful walking guides focus on Modernist architecture in a single neighbourhood or area, and are pretty much perfect for local escapes or the old armchair equivalent. Stefi Orazi, your generous and stylish guide, is the author of a few gorgeous books as well, so clear some space on your shelves. The walking guides are terrific value at £4.50 each (which means you should just go ahead and buy the set) and all of her works are available from her website here.


Chernobyl: A Stalker's Guide by Darmon Richter, published by Fuel
When I asked on Twitter how to gain access to the guarded Laguna Vere in Tbilisi, I was immediately introduced to Darmon Richter. This intrepid academic seems to have climbed over, or crawled under, the fences leading to every notable and abandoned Soviet-era building from Vladivostok to Minsk; including, of course, the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Published by Fuel, the book is available here from Rough Trade.


Smaller Atlas of Brutalist Architecture by Phaidon
Last year's magnificent Atlas of Brutalist Architecture was clearly designed to show off your well-honed aesthetic values on your living room table, but unless you're in Taiwan or New Zealand, who has anyone to show off to these days? Cue the smaller Atlas of Brutalist Architecture, which you can keep on your bedside table to remind yourself, that despite all that is happening in the world today, you haven't slipped, and are still bang on trend. Available from Foyles here


Some non-Brutalist favourites:


Lido by Christopher Beanland
Beanland has been prolific over the past few years, penning articles, novels, and books about travel, concrete, and now your local and farthest flung lidos. It's a surprisingly interesting publication and the images will brighten your days. Published by the always on point Batsford and available here from Stanfords.


London Tree Walks: 30 Guided Walks Around the Green Metropolis
We had the pleasure of working with Paul Wood on our recent Great Trees of London Map. His passion and commitment to our trees are well known to the arborists out there, and he's an incredibly nice guy. His most recent book, published by Safehaven Books, is London Tree Walks: 30 Guided Walks Around the Green Metropolis; available here from Stanfords for £14.99. I'll be wrapping up a few of these as gifts this year. 


Our Brutalist Calendar is now available from a variety of independent shops worldwide, a list is available here. We only managed to publish four maps this year, but they're good ones! Our 2020 titles are:


Pyongyang Architecture Map by Olly Wainwright


Tbilisi Architecture Map by Ana Chorgolashvili with photography by Stefano Perego


Modernist San Francisco Map by Mitchell Schwarzer with photography by Jason Woods


Please support your local bookshops. Our mostly-up-to-date list of stockists is here.


We also published a gift guide for Brutalists in 2018 which you can read here.
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