Brutalist Architecture Collection

From Buenos Aires to Paris, our series of popular Brutalist maps and more feature many of the finest concrete urban structures in the world. Each fold-out map features stunning original photography, expertly curated texts and a map with selected buildings. Perfect for walking tours, hanging on your wall or giving as a gift. All of our titles are printed by a B-Corp certified printer on high quality paper. 

📣 Blue Crow Media celebrates unsung and anachronistic monuments... New York Times

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  • Brutalist Buenos Aires

    One of our most exciting titles to date, our first South American map covers remarkable Brutalist architecture in the Argentine capital.

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  • Brutalist London

    Read about the latest developments related to the state of Brutalist architecture in London.

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  • Brutalist Berlin

    Explore Berlin with the author of our Brutalist Berlin Map, Felix Torkar.

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