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Modernist Matchbox Collection

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London Strike presents Modernist Matchboxes, a new collection of handsome luxury matchboxes. Featuring striking illustrations by Paul Catherall, the collection includes the Barbican Estate and Trellick Tower, with more to come. Designed in London. Made in the EU.

More architectural masterpieces illustrated by Catherall will follow in the near future. Also available to purchase individually.

Please note that the matchboxes are currently shipping to UK addresses only. We will have international shipping available soon.

Each matchbox measures 110 x 110 x 30 mm and contains approximately 100 large colour-tipped wooden matchsticks.

Designed in London. Made in the EU.

Modernist Matchbox No 1

Trellick Tower

Designed by Ernő Goldfinger


Modernist Matchbox No 2

Barbican Estate

Chamberlin, Powell and Bon


The matchboxes ship tracked via a UK courier.