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Modern Paris Map / Carte Paris Moderne

Modern Paris Map / Carte Paris Moderne

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Explore extraordinary examples of Modern architecture built across Paris between 1900 and 1970 with this expertly curated bilingual guide. Featuring works by Le Corbusier, Loos, Jeanneret, Mallet-Stevens, Breuer, Prouvé and others. Researched and introduced by Dr Robin Wilson, architectural historian at the Bartlett School of Architecture, with original photography by Nigel Green.

Modern Paris Map / Carte Paris Moderne is also available as part of our discounted set of Paris publications here.

Carte Paris Moderne

Découvrez une facette méconnue de Paris à travers son architecture moderne du XXe siècle. Ce guide bilingue comprend une carte, les détails de 50 bâtiments, une introduction et des photographies originales.

This is our third Paris-focused collaboration with Green and Wilson, following Brutalist Paris Map and Brutalist Paris book.

Dr Robin Wilson is a critic, curator and associate professor of history and theory at the Bartlett School of Architecture. He has published many reviews on art, architecture and landscape in the architectural press, and written extensively on representation and architecture in academic journals and books.

Dr Nigel Green is a photographer, artist and lecturer. He has exhibited and published many photographic projects that document genres of modernist architecture across the UK, Europe and the former Eastern Bloc.


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